Manage Your League Logo

  • Add/Change League Logo
    1. Under League Management menu go to League Items
    2. Click on League Staff Menu item
    3. Click on Get Picture
      • Browse your local computer files for the Logo image
      • Please usea jpeg file. It can be up to 4megs. Remember, on the web the smaller the size the better and faster
    4. Once you have the file selected the Preview/Upload link will become enabled.
    5. Click the Preview/Upload link
    6. The image will appear in the box. Dont worry about it not looking right if it is not a square logo, it will on the web page and in your emails
    7. Verify the correct logo is being shown
    8. You may type in an image description if you like
    9. Click on the Save New Picture Button
  • Once saved the logo on the top of your page will now show this image. If you just uploaded, refresh you page and the new logo will appear.