Manage Your League Staff

  • Enter League Staff
    1. Under League Management menu go to League Items
    2. Click on League Staff Menu item
    3. Enter Your Staff Members
      • Insert a User Name
        • We recommend the Staff person first register with the site and select your league to assoicate their profile.
        • If the staff member has already registered with the site, use that User Name they inserted. This will link their account to the staff position
        • If the Staff member has not registered with the site, enter a user name - probably their email address or something distinctive
        • The system will check against current usernames and if it is available then the system will create a profile and email them their login credentials
      • Enter the Staff Member's Email. This will be presented on the Contacts Page
      • Enter the First and Last Name of the Staff Member
      • Select the Staff Member's Position from the list
        • If the position is not listed click on the Add Staff Position Name button below selection box
        • When done adding position names click the back button on the browser
      • Click the Add League User Name
        • If you are entering someone that has not registered on the site, the system will create a member and associate them to the league and email them their user name and password.
  • Set Staff Information
    1. After being created the staff member will appear in the Staff grid
    2. Edit the Staff member to include the member on the Contacts Page
    3. If you want to have Registration Notifications sent to this staff member make sure to check the appropriate box while editing the member
    4. If this member will have Web Access to change or create League information click on the BLUE arrow icon to include their name in the Approved Web Staff grid
  • Edit League Staff
    1. Under League Management menu go to League Items
    2. Click on League Staf Menu item
    3. Select the Member and click on the row's wrench icon to edit name, phone, email, position and other settings