Manage Your Season Schedules

  • Create a Schedule
    1. Under League Management menu go to Division Manageent
    2. Click on Division - Season/Team Control
    3. Select the Season Information from the top grid you would like to schedule
    4. Click on the Players and Schedules Menu
    5. Select either the Make/View Game or Make/View Practice menu item
    6. A grid will appear with any curent games already scheduled.
    7. Click on NEW GAME button to schedule a new game.
      • Fill in the field, date, time, home and visitor teams
        • If the time or field is not present, go to League Management then League Items then Game Times and Field Management and enter values needed
      • Click UPDATE to add the game to your schedule
    8. Add games as needed. If you wish to look at all other divisions scheduled games click on the All Other Division Schedules tab
      • note - you can only add to the current division selected

    Using the schedule grid

    • The grid has a "Grouping" area
      • To group on any of the Columns drag the column header (where the name is ie - Team) and drop it into the Grouping Area
      • You can drag more than one colum into the grouping area. The data will be grouped by the first column, then next and so on.
    • The grid allows filtering and sorting
      • To sort click on the column name and the data will be sorted ascending or descending based on any previous sort
      • To filter use the empty filter boxes below the names of the columns to only see data you wish to view based on any column