Manage Your Year/Seasons

  • Create a Season
    1. Under League Management menu go to Division Manageent
    2. Click on Division - Season/Team Control
    3. In the First grid name League Season Info click on the "+" icon
      • Enter the Calendar Year - 2014, 2015, etc.
      • Insert a Season Description (ie - 2014 Spring Ball)
      • Enter the Registration Start Date
        • Anyone that logs into the site will not be able to register for this division until this date.
      • Insert the Last Date of Registration.
        • After this day the Season will no longer show up under the Registration menu
        • A League Admin will be able to add players and register them after this date, but registering outside a league admin will stop as of the date entered
      • Enter the League Age calculation Month. The system calculates the league age based on the 1st of the Month Selected
        • Example: Little Leauge usually calculates league age based on April 30 of the year. Select May in the selection
        • The month selected is the "beginning" of the next year calculation. Therefore selecting May would calculate the league age for every based on April 30 (the last day of the month prior)
      • Check the Active block to make the Season Active
      • Click on the Update Icon (circle with arrows)