Registration Help

  1. Register with the web Site. If Registered, Log In the site.
    • If first time register, once you log in you will be asked to select the league you want to associate your account.
  2. If the league has an open Registration you will now see it listed under the Player Registration Menu.
    • Click on the Season you want to Register your player.
  3. First Time Register User
    • You will be taken to a page to input your relationship to the player.
    • Please input your information. This will be used for all players you register and for future seasons.
    • This means that next season - you won't have to input all your information again!
  4. You will be taken to the Player Registration Entry.
  5. Either Select a Previous Player already entered in the system from a past season or Enter a new player.
    • If entering a NEW Player, fill in all the required information and click on Add Player - Proceed to Player Season Info
    • If Selecting a past player, select name and click on Register Select Player button under the list of name
  6. Enter Season Information. You league may ask for Pant and Shirt size and give you the ability to enter various request or notes.
    • You may see a League Survey. This is for the league to track interest levels in event as such Pitching Clinics, etc.
    • If interested check the box next to the name and description of the survey item.
  7. When finished with Season Information click Finish Player - Go To Parent Info
  8. You will see yourself and any other parent previously associated with this player.
  9. If you are a multi-parent family, use the section to insert the parent/guardian information for all other family members.
    • This is not limited to 2 people.
    • If you want to include step parents, grandparents, older siblings, etc. enter the names here.
    • The site will create a new user account a password and send it to the email address of the newly create parent.
    • They may change their password after they log in by clicking on their name at the top right hand corner of the page.
    • *** TEXT MSG - The site does allow league admin/coaches/users to text message any cell phone that has a carrier specified. ***
      • If you wish TEXT messgae capablilty select Cell as the "type" and select your Carrier.
  10. You may search for other parents that you have inserted with other players which you are assocaited.
    • Select their name from the pull down control and then click on the Add Existing Parent button below the pull down control.
  11. Once you have finished adding all parent/guardian information click on the Finished Player Parent/Guardian Info button at bottom of page.
  12. You may be taken to a Volunteer Page for the league.
    • Select the parent from the list on the left side by checking the box.
    • Select the areas of Volunteer interest. You can leave all blank if not interested in any.
    • Click on the Save Selected Items button.
    • You will be directed back to this page until ALL parents have been selected and their entries saved.
  13. If the league has PayPal capability you will be directed to a Registration Payment screen.
    • If you proceed without payment please coordinate payment with the league or attend one of their in-person registration meetings.
    • Click on the Proceed to PayPal button to pay
      • Available Division you player might participate in are listed. Select the division for your player.
      • Assocaited Fees for the division are listed.
      • Please select all the items you wish to pay for at the current time via PayPal.
      • Click on the Pay Amount - Go To PayPay button to be redirected to PayPal
      • Log into PayPal or use the Pay without an account to pay with any credit card.
      • Complete your Payment on the PayPal site.
  14. Once finished paying or if you selected to not pay at this time you will be directed to the Registration Complete page.
    • Click on the Print/Email button to have the registration report emailed to your email associated with the account.
    • The report will be presented on-screen and give you option to save it to a PDF onto you local computer or print it to your local printer.
  15. Click on the FINISH button the report page when complete to return to the Home Page.
  16. See - that wasn't so painful!
    • Just think... next season you can just log in, select your player and register them with ease!
    • Should you ever change address or phone numbers or your email you can always edit under the Parents Menu under the My Information sub-menu.

Thanks for taking time to read through the Registration Help!