Manage Your Season Surveys

  • Create Survey Items
    1. Under League Management menu go to Division Manageent
    2. Click on Division - Season/Team Control
    3. Select a Season from the list shown under the League Season Info
    4. Click Create Survey Items Button
    5. Click Create New Button
    6. Enter a Title
      • This is what will be displayed next to a Check Box on the registration page where the user answers survery questions
    7. Enter a Description
      • This description will show up after the Title during registration. Make it long enough to explain what it is you are surveying (ie - Ask about interest in Pitching Clinics, All Stars, Play outside league, etc.)
    8. Mark it Active
      • If you insert a survery question and only want to run it for a certain time during the registration process make sure to come back and edit the survery and make it not active